Reddit Shares New Insights into Tech and Mobile Carrier Discussion in the App [Infographic]

Reddit has shared some new insights into its addressable audience of tech enthusiasts, and how mobile carriers, in particular, can maximize their reach and appeal via Reddit ads.

According to Reddit, there are over 7k subreddits discussing mobile carriers, and 52 million monthly actives engaged in tech-related discussion in the app. Which is more than Reddit’s daily active user total – which interestingly has dropped from 52 million back in 2020 to 50 million, as now listed on the Reddit ads overview page.

Does that mean that Reddit is losing audience? I suspect that might be the case, with many people interested in trends and memes now heading to TikTok instead. But either way, the stats in this new graphic show that tech providers should be paying attention to Reddit as a potential pathway to boost exposure and interest.

Or just to tune in on the latest discussions and comments in the sector.

Check out the full infographic below.

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