LinkedIn Provides New Insights into How to Amplify Your Brand Messaging via Employee Advocacy [Infographic]

LinkedIn is a key platform for professional networking and connecting with potential job candidates – but how you use the platform is key in finding the right people for the right roles within your organization.

So how can you maximize your employer branding and candidate discovery efforts?

One option is to utilize your employees, by encouraging them to engage with company posts and content in the app. There are right and wrong ways to do this (note: cut and pasted messages shared by your employees are not the way to go), but LinkedIn has been working to make this easier via a range of new company page features in the app, including the merging its Elevate employee advocacy platform into its general tools.

Those additions have helped scientific supplier Thermo Fisher Scientific boost its recruitment and employer branding efforts in the app.

As explained by LinkedIn:

LinkedIn’s employee advocacy platform provided Thermo Fisher Scientific with a steady stream of curated content from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle. Employees could comment and share these posts for easy social activity, while also creating focused, relevant conversations around their work. Other industry talent connected with Thermo Fisher’s employees would see and interact with this content, giving Thermo Fisher a natural way to attract that talent according to the subject matter most pertinent to them.”

Indeed, according to LinkedIn, this approach, using Thermo’s employees to amplify key messaging, has resulted in a 62% increase in reach for its various created and curated posts.

The below infographic provides an overview of how Thermo Scientific has maximized its messaging, which could be worth considering in your approach.  

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